Alex Fan Moniz – the unusual journeys of a poet

For many years immersed in an international banking career, the writing little voice from his childhood grew louder and set free for Alex Fan Moniz.

<blockquote> “The sea is a living, fascinating world. We are so focused on discovering the Universe, yet we know little about what lies beneath the water in our planet. I need water, swimming in it, listening to it. Maybe I was a fish in a previous life?” </blockquote><p>Having chosen to remain virtually unpublished for over twenty years, this self-described &ldquo;part-time&rdquo; writer and photographer has now 5 books out and promises this is just the beginning:The author says: &ldquo;I always thought that one day I&rsquo;d like to publish a book and wrote bits and pieces of fiction, many poems, short-stories which almost invariably ended up in a drawer. That thought never went away and after years of leaving it for &ldquo;later&rdquo;, I felt something was missing in my life. It was one day, alone; whilst taking photographs and trekking the amazing Kogelberg Biosphere Reserve, in South Africa that a book idea defined itself in my mind. It wasn&rsquo;t an epiphany of sorts, more like a clear idea of how the book should look like. It took me a couple of years to find the time, and in 2013 my first book &ldquo;Colours of South Africa&rdquo; was launched. That&nbsp;was the beginning I think, as after that first ambition was achieved; I was ready to discover and explore my &ldquo;writing world&rdquo;. It is a process of self-discovery, growth, liberation, enormous personal fulfillment.The exhilaration of creating books and being able to share them with others is the best feeling in the world&rdquo;. <a title="His books are mainly in English. From his first publication &ldquo;Colours of South Africa&rdquo;, the author incorporates other languages in his works. He spent months trying to find native Khoekhoe, Zulu and other poets who could translate some of his poems." href=""></a></p>


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